Incorrect album
first studio album, Arrival
"Simple Words" was recorded from 1990 to 1994 in the studios of "Record" (Class) M.Zharova,"Gala","O'Key Recors" O.Krasavtseva.
In this release (Album) includes tracks not included in the official release of the album on CD!
From 1990 to 1994, the band was accompanied by unforgettable performances. Musicians appeared on stage dressed as chemical protection masks, with unrealistic haircuts and crushing equipment on the stage.
Hits of "Simple Words", "Mechanical Rain" set to air the first FM radio station (M-Radio).
C 1992 Arrival was the first Russian group begins to come alive with dance-club music, using drum machines and analog synthesizers.
The band's songs ("Space and Time") and dance tracks ("From Moscow to Krasnoyarsk"; "Kazantip") take the first lines in the charts of fashion radios
(Radio Maximum, Radio Station-106'8 FM).
Music ARRIVAL - is an attempt to pass through the vibration of their philosophy synth pulse attitude, convey to the listener deep within the subconscious in electronic melodic form.
And here our cries are heard and the first impressions of the short drive. Sure, extravagant album is quite different from all the other Russian synth his inimitable charm. Clear favorites disk: the song "Simple Words" far hit Europa + radio stations and Radio Maximum, the card group. Remember, the cool little dance song structure and stunning text in the words of the song "is entered into my head." "Mechanical Rain" as a continuation of the "Common Word", touches the soul masterpiece with an average rate with a strong sounding drum machines and soft, mellifluous sound. "A strange feeling can not leave you," the text of the song. Autumn, sullen faces, blurred colors and grays around. Clearly convey the image of a bad temper and gloomy weather. Is not it true, as many of you have not had time, you feel like that? "Environmental Surrealism" abrupt 180-degree turn. Pressure, power, and the echoes of ebm sound with stunning tekstovkoy adrenaline filled body on the roof. Song - a vivid example of the Romantics of the early nineties. Causes in the soul of nostalgia for a bygone era. Kiberelektropank and industrial masterpiece big city called "recitations to music." One of the interesting and unusual things Arrival. Complete separation in the underground. One of the evidence of the ability of musicians to create different styles and directions of electronic music. "You think so / Communication with the Wind" - an emotional ballad about the huge losses and deep anguish. Anthem memory loved one and a reminder of the cruelty of fate. "Project 143B-method" - a warning to mankind. People do not trust the machines and computers. They have no soul, and this is the most important thing we have to remember. "Business as usual" positive creation, a ray of light in the darkness. Pretty little thing with a nice trip-hop sound. Just a bright morning. "Space and Time" - a little house and a small research technology, and world-class remix of one of the hit products of the previous album ready. Instrumental piece "Untitled" contributes little to relax before the upcoming storm. And it comes in the form of a powerful remix of "Simple Words", a smooth transition to a fun stebovuyu "It's Not Allowed Greenpeace" and reaches a point in his writings as "on a large piece" and "Agressive Of Mind". And in the end of everything calms down under electronic research tool "Glucogenology".