Progressive House
Black Ocean
Black Ocean
Black Ocean (Original Mix) (6:50) 63 rub. (€1/$1.04) 77 rub. (€1.22/$1.26) 90 rub. (€1.43/$1.49)
Black Ocean (Solid Stone Remix) (7:28) 63 rub. (€1/$1.04) 77 rub. (€1.22/$1.26) 90 rub. (€1.43/$1.49)
Black Ocean (Soulfinder Remix) (8:54) 63 rub. (€1/$1.04) 77 rub. (€1.22/$1.26) 90 rub. (€1.43/$1.49)
ALL: 126 rub. (€2/$2.08) 153 rub. (€2.43/$2.53) 180 rub. (€2.86/$2.98)
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Spring Tube Limited' 72nd release is the first single for the tracks from our 2015 sampler.

Svyatoslav Tvardovsky, hailing from Ukraine, has an impressive discography of releases on such a respectable imprints as Black Hole, Parquet, Moonbeam Digital, Proton, Nocturnal, Movement, Afterglow, Classound, Lowbit, DAR, and many others. His music is supported by the likes of Guy J, Hernan Cattaneo, Markus Schulz, Henry Saiz, Moonbeam, Luis Junior, Cid Inc., and others EDM luminaries. As a DJ he has played along such leading worldwide representatives on electronic music scene as John Digweed, Guy J, Henry Saiz, Jimmy Van M, and Luis Junior. Apart from this all Svyatoslav is the owner of Stereo Paradise label, as well as the co-owner of highly successful Dear Deer imprint on which he focuses at the moment.

In 2014 Tvardovsky debuted on Spring Tube Limited with the remix on Stephen J. Kroos' "Codd" which was our absolute bestseller past year. Now, in 2015, we present you Svyatoslav's single release on his great original track "Black Ocean" from our latest sampler.

Besides the original version we have in the pack two different remixes by the two new artists for our roster both of whom have long proved themselves on the scene - Solid Stone [Armada, Black Hole, Alter Ego, Coldharbour, Enhanced, Perspectives, Cycles, Slideways, Re*Brand] from Canada, and Soulfinder [Outside The Box, Toes In The Sand, Baroque, Mistique, Deepology, Stellar Fountain, Sleepless Nights] from Ireland. Another masterpiece works here from these prominent producers!
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