Cookies and Javascript

Cookies and Javascript are widely used in order to make websites work more effective and convinient for users. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer's memory and then are transferred on the request of your computer when you visit web-server.

The main purpose of cookies is:

1. To organize sessions while user works with online shops and forums having web-interface.
2. To store different users preferences. Usually, there are not data itself but some indicator which lets software identify the user.

Two types of cookies may be used during your visit to First, are session cookies that are deleted after each visit. Second, are persistent cookies are valid across visits and are used to keep a record of what you currently have in your Shopping Cart or to remember your preferences for page presentation. uses language choice cookie to remember your preferred language, display options cookies to remember your preferences on our listing pages and shopping Cart cookie to remember what you have in your shopping Cart.

Note! For instructions on how to change your cookie settings see in help/faq.

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