Человек, которого нет
Человек, которого нет
Человек, Которого Нет (Single Version) (3:22) 14 rub. (€0.16/$0.18) 17 rub. (€0.2/$0.22) 20 rub. (€0.23/$0.26)
Человек, которого нет (Current State Retension) (3:02) 14 rub. (€0.16/$0.18) 17 rub. (€0.2/$0.22) 20 rub. (€0.23/$0.26)
Maybe It's Like That (2:26) 14 rub. (€0.16/$0.18) 17 rub. (€0.2/$0.22) 20 rub. (€0.23/$0.26)
Человек, которого нет (Back To 90's babyMax Mix) (3:53) 14 rub. (€0.16/$0.18) 17 rub. (€0.2/$0.22) 20 rub. (€0.23/$0.26)
Человек, которого нет (DJ Sta$$ Mix) (3:32) 14 rub. (€0.16/$0.18) 17 rub. (€0.2/$0.22) 20 rub. (€0.23/$0.26)
Full Circle Ending (1:51) 14 rub. (€0.16/$0.18) 17 rub. (€0.2/$0.22) 20 rub. (€0.23/$0.26)
ALL: 56 rub. (€0.65/$0.72) 68 rub. (€0.79/$0.87) 80 rub. (€0.93/$1.03)
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This is the first release of the legendary band in 8 years.
Cooperation of Technology band and Leonid Velichkovsky continued after 23 years of time-out. The author of smash hits such as «Всё, что ты хочешь» (“Everything You Want”), «Холодный след» (“Cold Footprint”), «Сигнал» (“Signal”) shared the story of creating a new song: “Several years ago I visited the Technology forum and read texts that are offered by the fans. I liked one poem, and I’ve composed the melody immediately. But for some reason we didn’t record the song then. It took a lot of time but finally the song «Человек, которого нет» (“The Person Who Does Not Exist”) saw the light. It turned out that many fans took it very well, and the guys from the band made some remixes for the new single – It pleased me a lot. Different points of view and different styles are always interesting.”

This release also includes two instrumental tracks in addition to four different versions of the song called “The Person Who Does Not Exist”.
Passion & Confusion
Toly Braun
What You Want
J Take
Perfect Love