Before contacting support service, please read the frequently asked questions in the "Help" section.

Most likely, you will find the answer to your question here. List of key issues often arising from the music's authors offering their content to Internet distributors.

Who can offer the products?
Any adult service user can. You can become our customer if you are above 18 years.

Do you accept all compositions?
Generally yes, if you own the copyright and offer us good quality music product. We listen to all tracks offered for publishing with the assistance of iMixes and pay much attention to their quality.We don't give 100% guaranty that your music product should be published. Each platform decides by itself what kind of music to sell.Your music should not be liked by us but it should be at a professional level. Remember your compositions could be criticized by customers when you offer them the similar Internet services.

Do I need any label?
No. In order to publish a work with us, neither a label nor a publisher is needed. If you own the copyright to the tracks, you can submit them. You can register an account and make a license agreement with us as an individual, individual entrepreneur or LLC. Note: When naming your labels, make sure that these names are not already taken by existing companies.

What authority should I delegate to you?
We only need the right to digitally distribute your tracks. All other rights are optionally reserved to you. For example, copyright, publisher and producer rights, etc. But, you can also expand the list of rights transferred to us using the appropriate options at the time of registration and the formation of the License Agreement. Please, read the general form of the License Agreement with the service

In what format do I need to upload my music?
WAV audio file (16 bit,44100Hz)

What platforms will my music be delivered to?
It will be offered to our partners platforms. To find a list of all our partners click "Partners".

Do I need an EAN code?
In case, you don't have an EAN code you can purchase it from us at any time to publish your tracks. The entire process of calculation, delivery and cataloging of the various platforms takes place on the basis of an EAN code. This is the product identification number. If you already have a correct code for the proposed works, then you can use it and save money on publication.

Do I need an ISRC code?
No. For registration/publishing your songs you can buy an ISRC-code from us at any time.

I forgot my password.
You can recover your password through the email associated with your account.

How long does it take to upload my songs?
It depends on your Internet connection. The uploading of wav. file can take a few minutes. 

How to choose the correct genre for my music?
You can choose it from our genre catalog, which will be precisely accepted by all platforms.

What is album, compilation and single?
Single as a rule is one song with two or three alternative versions. Album consists of several different songs from one composer. Compilation combines different artists on one CD.

Do I need a cover?
Yes, you do. It's better if you have a cover made by a graphic designer. Also you can order a cover on iMixes. It's fast and reasonable.

Can you create me a cover?
Yes we can. In the "Albums" our graphic department will offer you a choice of various design options. Next, you should confirm the order for the price stated on the website. You will be able to comment while working on the cover before it is placed in our catalogue.

Can iMixes refuse to take my cover?
If your cover doesn't look properly we will have to refuse to it's publishing. Also, we refuse the publishing in advertising or have web addresses on the cover, when the texts incite violence or some illegal activities.

Can I use a cover which is already existed?
No you can't. Graphics is a subject of copyright as well as music. You need the owner's agreement for his graphics use. Pay attention, you bear juridical responsibility for data published by you.

How to define the correct price for my track?
In most cases, you cannot do this yourself. Platforms have their own pricing policy. But, you can choose one of the download prices we offer. Note: This information is not related to the payment methods of platforms operating under Subscriptions (example: Spotify, Apple Music, etc.)

I have got many tracks for selling through iMixes service. Is it possible to speed up the process of downloading and getting songs into the catalog?
We provide a special ftp access for large clients and labels with DDEX upload. If you are the owner of a large catalog and able to generate DDEX - uploads, please, contact support.

How can I view my sales statistics?
You will find reports related to your publications in the "Statistics" section. We provide information on sales and earned amounts once a quarter, one month after the end of the quarter. The "Online statistics" option allows you to get real-time statistics of listening with 24-hours delay from the platforms like Spotify, Beatport, Apple Music, VK, Shazam and check the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

How do I know which of my content is sold and on what platforms?
You can view the web version or get an excel table of sales statistics in the "Statistics" section.

How much do I get from any publications?
It depends on the policy of the exact platfotm. There are services that offer their customers to buy releases exclusively separately, others use a subscription system or share the amounts earned on advertising. You can learn more about this in the description of platforms in the Partners section.

When will I be paid?
Payment is made upon request in the Payout section at any time convenient for you. The minimum payout amount from the service is 1000 rubles. We will transfer the money to the bank account you provided while registered.

Will you advertise my publications?
We provide you detailed information on free advertising opportunities for you or your publisher in the Promotion section. Description of paid promo packages are available in the Promotion / Mastering section. You can pay for any of the selected promotional options at the time of the publication of the release. Popularization and promotion of content either your responsibility, as an independent publisher, or your label.

What if my song becomes a hit?
If your work becomes a hit, we receive offers from major publishers, which we automatically forward to you. You'll find this information in your iMixes inbox.

What happens if some major label wants to buy my song?
Your piece of music is always free for licensing by other companies. This means that we only have digital distribution rights for your songs, which you can withdraw under the EULA. The minimum term of the License Agreement for the distribution of your content is 12 months. You can transfer distribution rights to another distribution company after deleting content through your iMixes interface.

Can I upload cover version or remix?
Only with the written permission of the copyright owner of this work.In order to be able to publish your version of a work, you need to enter into an agreement with the copyright owner for its processing. You will need permission to distribute the work from the publisher, author and composer of the music. Please note that you are solely legally responsible for what is published through your iMixes account.

Can I sell any composition in case I have no right for them?
No you can't. And you bear the full responsibility. We provide you only with the platform for distributing your music. For publishing the music content you should guaranty that you have all the rights for the music. The separate fragments from other works are concerned too even if they are not longer than a second, or in case if separate instrumental or vocal parties from other compositions are used. It is widely believed that you can freely publish works with elements of other compositions if you claim them with the copyright society. It is absolutely wrong. You always need written permission (contract/license) for distribution from the owner of specific copyright tracks, for example, from the publisher, the author. Other myths are also quite common, for example, that you can use 4 seconds or a couple of bars from another work. This is not true! There is no 4 second rule. Any use of a copyrighted work by others requires permission from the author or copyright owner.

What is meant under musical pieces containing texts forbidden for publication?
Songs with extreme ideas provoking violence and other unlawful actions are forbidden on iMixes

What is a master-copy?
Master copy is the original recording. The recording made in the studio and given for distribution e.g. to a factory for reproduction. You need a master-copy which you own in case you have recorded your song yourself. If you ordered it to producers you need their agreement for publishing your song.

Transfer of copyrights/CRMS
Anyone who owns copyright, i.e. the lyricist or composer claims payments based on these rights (mechanics). Some aggregators, if you have authorized them to collect such royalties (including iMixes), themselves directly receive copyright shares from the platforms, bypassing CRMS (Collective Rights Management Societies). In addition, if you authorize the service in your License Agreement, we may register your copyright interests, make collections, and remit payments to you.

Is it obligatory to be a member of RAO or CRMS?
No, you can sell your songs on iMixes without being a member of CRMS.

I have already CD or vinyl on the market.
You can distribute the digital copies of your works through iMixes even if you have already released your music on CD, vinyl and so on. But it is correct only in case you are owner of distribution rights in the Internet.

What is an article number?
Already published releases have a catalog number (album article number) - a set of capital Latin letters and numbers in the order of releases, starting with 001. They are used to register the product in retail chains. The catalog number or item number has nothing to do with ISRC or EAN codes.

What does letter “C” on the cover of an audio media mean?
«C» (Copyright) shows that the musical work is protected by the copyright. If it is produced by you - your name or your label will be shown.

What does letter “P” on the cover of an audio media mean?
«P» (Published) shows that the musical work is published by a record Company. If the rights on your track are not confirmed by the contract with a definit Company «Copyright Control» will be written on the cover. If you have a contract with some label it will be shown on the release.

How long does the publishing process take?
The track will be published on the iMixes portal a few hours after uploading. We will distribute your release to all platforms without exception within 24 hours, but the time for delivering content to the database is different for all platforms - from 2-3 hours to 3 days. Please take into account holidays and weekends when publishing.

Is my label already taken?
When you enter a label name, the system checks our database to see if there is a record company with the same name on the market. This is not a guarantee that the label's name is not already taken by other companies. Such a check is only an additional means of control. Therefore, carefully check whether the name you have chosen for a new label is already taken. Using the label name you select, the system will associate the music with your account.

Is bank cards payment safe on our website?
Our credit card payment system meets all security requirements. Your data is stored and transmitted in encrypted form. We will not store your bank card details, but will transfer them in encrypted form to our partner bank, where the data will be double-checked and payment will be made. Once the payment is successfully completed, the money will be immediately credited to your iMixes account. 

Editing the list of shops for a label
Right after registering a label in our service, a client with a non-exclusive Distribution license can declare (limit) any list of shops from the available ones. Please provide support with the name of the label and list of shops. By default, the list will include all available platforms for clients with an exclusive Distribution license. Then, at the time of publication, the list of shops can be adjusted for each release by editing the particular fields.

Removing content from your catalog
Removing a publication requires additional effort on our side, since we will be forced to submit an application to remove your publication for each platform. Free deletion of an album is possible after 12 months from the date of its publication. Deleting a publication costs 1200руб. (€12.86/$13.79) rub. You can request to remove a release in the album data by clicking (Delete). No additional actions are required from you. Please note: 1. Removing a release on some platforms takes up to 10 business days 2. You must not break the link between the album and its tracks. Such actions will make deletion impossible. 3. You may do any actions with your release after you have made sure that all platforms links have become inactive.

Add lyrics                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  To add lyrics to a new release and to a previously downloaded one, go to the “Edit album” section, add lyrics of tracks in the Description field or Album description in English with the table of contents “text track 1,2,3, etc.” We will add lyrics to the corresponding tracks while delivering to the platforms. Lyrics display is supported by Yandex Music, VK Music, Apple Music and Zvook platforms.

Add synced track lyrics                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The synchronized text of the track allows you to receive additional income and even more attention from the site customers. This format is often called "karaoke". Each line is synchronized with the music. You need to create and upload a file in TTML format, to do this, inform the support of the ISRC track service and EAN release, add the text/texts of the tracks in the Description field or Album Description in English with the table of contents “text of track 1,2,3, etc.” . Track lyrics is one of the most popular Internet request. More than 80% of listeners look for song lyrics while listening to music so supplement your release with synchronized lyrics. Our service will compile the TTML file using a special editor and add it to the appropriate tracks at the time of uploading to the platforms. Text display is supported by the platforms Apple Music, Spotify, Yandex Music, VK Music, and others. 

Delivering videos on Apple Music
The service offers to place a video inside your release. The content will be available on the release page with the track listing.
Format: mov
Maximum file size: no more than 6 GB.
Poor quality videos are not accepted. For example, blurry, pixelated, no sound, unsynchronised audio and video, etc.
The video must not contain text or subtitles, release date, logos or advertising.
Artist interviews, comments, and backstage performances must be included in the music album and cannot be uploaded separately.                                                                                                                                                           Short videos used as advertisements or trailers are not accepted.
Music videos, including live versions, must contain only one song.
To get his option email us to Your email should contain the EAN/ISRC codes and a link to download the video file.

Accompanying materials. PDF Digital Booklet for iTunes
iTunes offers a "digital booklet" with the purchase of the full release. The booklet contains a PDF version of the paper booklet that the user will receive upon purchasing the release.
Advertising of other products and services is prohibited on or inside the booklet. All materials must be dedicated only to your release.
Links to promotional sites and links to other content other than the artist and/or label page are prohibited.
It is prohibited to post irrelevant information.
The booklet must be at least 4 pages long. The booklet should use built-in fonts and an RGB palette.
The booklet resolution must be at least 72 dpi. Landscape (horizontal) format, page size 28 cm x 21 cm.
Images without frames around the edges.
File size no more than 10 MB.
There should be no typographical marks on or inside the booklet.

Submit a claim for violation of your copyright and related rights to Apple Music, iTunes.
You can make a claim here: iTunes Content Dispute -

Submit a claim for violation of your copyright and related rights to Spotify.
You can make a claim here:
You can withdraw your claim here:
An example of the text: I am withdrawing my claim on the following releases. Please make them available on Spotify again.
Be sure to list links to content on Spotify

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