Prices for iMixes' services

Price's structure suggested by our service is very simple

There are no hidden expenditures or connection with the time of agreement. Registration on iMixes is free. Activation of the account is 600руб. (€6.07/$6.59), it is paid once only and only when you begin the publication of your content. Up to that moment your can test your iMixes-account free.

Commission 20%
Account activation €6.07 (600руб./$6.59)
UPC EAN PHYSICAL ALBUM/UPC Code €0.2 (20руб./$0.22)
ISRC €0.2 (20руб./$0.22)
Let us create your cover €7.09 (700руб./$7.69)
Forwarding Sales Platform Group A €0 (0руб./$0)
Forwarding Sales Platform Group B €0 (0руб./$0)
Forwarding Sales Platform Group C €0 (0руб./$0)
Forwarding Sales Platform Group D €0 (0руб./$0)
Deletion of a release within the first 12 months €12.15 (1200руб./$13.19)
Promotion pricegroup A €273.34 (27000руб./$296.74)
Promotion pricegroup B €182.23 (18000руб./$197.83)
Promotion pricegroup C €121.49 (12000руб./$131.89)
Promotion pricegroup D €60.74 (6000руб./$65.94)
Mastering price €50.62 (5000руб./$54.95)
Beatport label application price €10.12 (1000руб./$10.99)
Payout fee (BB.BB) 3%
Price for track
Price for track 1 €0.2 (20руб./$0.22)
Price for track 2 €0.25 (25руб./$0.27)
Price for track 3 €0.35 (35руб./$0.38)
Price for track 4 €0.61 (60руб./$0.66)
Price for track 5 €0.91 (90руб./$0.99)
Price for track 6 €1.42 (140руб./$1.54)
Price for track 7 €1.82 (180руб./$1.98)
Price for album
Price for album 1 €0.2 (20руб./$0.22)
Price for album 2 €0.25 (25руб./$0.27)
Price for album 3 €0.35 (35руб./$0.38)
Price for album 4 €0.61 (60руб./$0.66)
Price for album 5 €0.91 (90руб./$0.99)
Price for album 6 €1.42 (140руб./$1.54)
Price for album 7 €1.82 (180руб./$1.98)